Approach & Philosophy

Our Investment Approach
Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Approach

CMIA is keen on providing growth capital to mid-sized companies in China and Southeast Asia with the potential to become industry or market leaders in the right sectors. Through our investment and value-add, CMIA seeks to take these companies to their next level of scale and profitability.

Focused Strategy

We believe that businesses that are aligned with macroeconomic policies, government emphasis and growth trends will strongly outperform. Our current investment focus is on the food and agriculture sectors, followed by consumer and medical/healthcare sectors. We will consider other sectors opportunistically.

We target enterprises with strong market leadership potential. These companies are well positioned to expand rapidly, either in a geographic region or globally.

Rigorous Process

We adopt a disciplined investment approach leveraging local knowledge and international experience. Prior to our investments, we conduct rigorous due diligence on industry fundamentals and company specific matters. We also exercise investment discipline on entry valuation and terms, thus positioning ourselves for attractive returns while limiting downside risks.

Partnering Strong Management

We build friendly partnerships with capable and trustworthy management teams, working alongside them to develop successful and sustainable businesses.

Active Value-Add

CMIA will share its expertise in formulating strategic initiatives, corporate finance, balance sheet optimisation, strengthening management teams, and improving corporate governance and internal controls. Portfolio companies also benefit substantially from access to CMIA's international network.

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Our Investment Philosophy

CMIA's investment philosophy rests on three pillars. We believe that superb return can only be achieved by timely investment in the right opportunities, with able management teams, at the right terms.


We have a keen appreciation of how economic, social and political factors evolve and create new market opportunities. With analysis and diligence, we translate our understanding into timely business and investment decisions to capitalise on these opportunities.

In portfolio management, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing growing businesses today. We work with management to ensure our portfolio companies remain nimble while focused on their long-term goal. We tailor our involvement and contribution to meet the unique needs of each portfolio company.


Favorable timing and the right opportunity alone are insufficient to building a successful business. A strong management team is the key. CMIA is keen to back competent management teams. We aim to be in close partnership with these teams, working alongside them to help build businesses that are successful and sustainable in the long run.


CMIA is selective and disciplined in making investments. We believe reasonable valuation and downside protection terms are crucial to good returns and managing investment risks.

We are able to secure attractive investments at favorable terms primarily because of our commitment and value-add to each and every company that we back. Previous portfolio companies have provided favorable testimonies on the benefits of having CMIA as a shareholder and business partner.

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