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Global Leader: E-Commerce in Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

WatchBanQ is a global leader in the e-commerce of pre-owned luxury watches. With the Swiss watch industry producing in excess of $20 billion new luxury watches every year, the pre-owned luxury watch market is potentially a $500 billion industry. Potential buyers are nevertheless rightly concerned about the authenticity and integrity of pre-owned watches, particularly those purchased online. In this respect, WatchBanQ's ownership and senior management team lend significant credibility to the business.

WatchBanQ operates advanced digital platforms for watch enthusiasts to buy, sell and trade new and pre-owned luxury watches. WatchBanQ offers quality e-commerce services through its websites and mobile applications and guarantees the authenticity of all watches transacted on its platforms.

WatchBanQ is re-inventing the luxury watch industry by leveraging e-commerce and big data technologies to provide watch enthusiasts a high integrity, efficient and transparent digital marketplace for luxury watches.

Wine Advocate

The Wine Advocate

Global Leader: Food & Wine Media

For more than 35 years, The Wine Advocate has been the world’s leading and most independent consumer guide for fine wines globally. The company was founded by world renowned wine critic, Robert M. Parker, Jr., the only professional in any field to receive the highest Presidential honors from three countries – France, Italy and Spain. The Wine Advocate provides a wealth of information to its subscribers both through its website and mobile application, including a searchable database of more than 250,000 professional wine ratings, reviews and articles, daily wine industry news, a professionally moderated bulletin board, and much more.

The Wine Advocate is also the Michelin Guide’s strategic partner for Asia and the USA. In 2016, The Wine Advocate launched the world's first Michelin Guide Gala Dinner & Awards Presentation in Singapore. The Wine Advocate also runs fine dining events in collaboration with Michelin-starred chefs globally.

In June 2017, Michelin acquired a 40% shareholding in The Wine Advocate. CMIA divested of its interest in The Wine Advocate as a result.

Bits Media

Bitsmedia Holdings Limited ("Bitsmedia")

Global Leader: Mobile App Serving the Global Muslim Community

Bitsmedia is the company behind Muslim Pro, the world’s number one mobile app serving the global Muslim community. With more than 45 million downloads, 10 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and 2 million Daily Active Users (DAUs), the Muslim Pro app is today used by Muslims from more than 200 countries worldwide. Muslim Pro derives its revenue primarily from mobile advertising and paid upgrades and is a profitable business.

Launched in 2010, Muslim Pro is one of the very first mobile applications providing accurate and wholesome information for Muslims to practice their faith. Muslim Pro is a comprehensive app providing accurate information globally on prayer times as well as fasting times during Ramadan, Qibla direction, Quran translations, halal restaurant listings, etc. In September 2016, Muslim Pro also launched a community forum feature that allows users to request others for duas or supplications on their behalf, thereby facilitating compassion and empathy amongst the Ummah. The app is available in more than 15 languages, including in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Malay and Urdu, and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Yuansheng Food

Well Bright International | 上海元盛食品有限公司

China leader: Meat Processing & Wagyu Beef Production

Founded in 1995, Well Bright is a leading integrated meat processing business in China that is well recognized for its quality products. Well Bright also operates China's only licensed pure-breed Wagyu cattle farm, producing China’s own brand of Wagyu beef, "Longjiang Wagyu".

Headquartered in Shanghai, Well Bright International's farms, abattoirs and processing factories are otherwise located in China's Heilongjiang Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as well as Shanghai. Well Bright's customers include Yum! Brands China, Wang Steak, Mos Burger as well as many top hotels, restaurants and supermarket chains in China.

Shandong Yipintang Drink

Shandong Yipintang | 山东一品堂实业有限公司

China leader: Healthy Beverages Production

Shandong Yipintang is a fast-growing healthy beverages business and the largest pear juice producer in China. Its flagship products are the Laiyang Pear Herbal Drink and the Laiyang Pear Juice. The company also manufactures and sells other fruit juices and energy drinks.

Shandong Yipintang sells its products under the 一枝笔 (YiZhiBi) brand, well-known in China’s Shandong and neighboring provinces. Shandong is China’s third wealthiest province with a 97.3 million population. The company is expanding its reach to other provinces in China through more than 700 distributors and 100,000 retail points including supermarket chains, gas stations and pharmaceutical chains.