CMIA Capital Partners
Proven Investment Manager with Asia Expertise

Headquartered in Singapore, CMIA Capital Partners is a trusted private equity firm leading control and growth capital investments in Asia, focused on growth opportunities in the digital economy of the region.

With a successful track record of more than 17 years, CMIA Capital Partners has successfully deployed over $1 billion in investments in China since 2003 and over $180 million in the Southeast Asia region. CMIA Capital Partners has proven to be an active and value-adding private equity partner for both private market investors looking to invest in Asia and fast-growing portfolio companies scaling their businesses in Asia.

Asia Expertise, Global Network

With our base in Singapore, additional offices in Shanghai and Chongqing in China, and a presence in Jakarta, Indonesia, CMIA Capital Partners is able to offer a holistic perspective on deal making and fund management across Asia, and is uniquely positioned to capitalise on cross border opportunities between China and Southeast Asia.

CMIA Capital Partners’ team of highly trained investment professionals are constantly looking out for and evaluating growth opportunities in and around Asia. Our team offers sharp insights of investment trends in consumer, technology, and media based on years of investment experience and market knowledge.

Tailored Strategy Made For Success

CMIA Capital Partners always has the best interests of all our partners at heart, which is why we are diligent and disciplined in our investment target selection in growth capital and strategic investments in Asia, especially in China and Southeast Asia.

Our active and multi-faceted engagement strategy blends enduring business partnerships, acute localised knowledge, and professional competency to deliver the maximum value for all stakeholders from all possible angles. The processes of CMIA Capital Partners are built on proactiveness, discipline, efficiency, and transparency to cultivate long-term successful relationships.

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