MANAGING PARTNER – Lee Chong Min Profile

Mr Lee Chong Min is the Founder and Managing Partner of CMIA Capital Partners Singapore. He also serves as Chairman of CMIA’s Investment Committee. 

Established in 2003, CMIA Capital Partners is a private equity firm with a successful track record investing across various industries and sectors in China and Southeast Asia. CMIA invests in businesses headquartered in Asia with the potential to become global or regional leaders. CMIA is presently focused on control and growth capital investments in businesses that leverage technology to increase profitability and market reach. CMIA is headquartered in Singapore and has offices also in Shanghai and Chongqing. CMIA is a licensed and regulated fund management company in both Singapore and China.

Mr Lee Chong Min began his career with J.P. Morgan and went on to head Cargill Inc.’s Asia equity investments & trading business, before founding CMIA Capital Partners in 2003. 

Notable Appointments

Mr Lee Chong Min serves as Board Director of several CMIA portfolio companies, including: 


Watchbox is the world’s leading e-commerce platform for the trade-in pre-owned luxury watches.  The pre-owned luxury watch market is estimated to be valued at $500 billion but is significantly fragmented, and thus presents a significant opportunity.


Bitsmedia is a mobile application business that owns and operates the Muslim Pro. Muslim Pro is the world’s #1 mobile app serving the global Muslim community, with 98 million downloads and Daily Active Users (DAU) of more than 3 million

Oneberry Technologies

Oneberry Technologies is Singapore’s leading high-tech security & surveillance solutions provider. Oneberry Technologies leverages artificial intelligence and data analytics in its solutions and its customers that includes both government agencies as well as commercial clients.

In addition to Mr Lee Chong Min’s positions in CMIA investment firms in Singapore and beyond, he also serves as Board Director of several charities locally, including the Methodist Schools’ Foundation and the St. Francis Methodist School.

Mr Lee Chong Min has a Bachelor of Science degree from the National University of Singapore.